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Rent a room per hour in Sofia, Bulgaria

Rent a room per hour in Sofia, Bulgaria.

If you want to save money on your stay in Sofia, if you want to relax before an important business meeting or wants privacy with your loved one, then you need a room by hour.

No, do not immediately dismiss the idea as impossible, but think for a moment. Why pay over night if you need room for a few hours in Sofia, where to relax before a flight or before you continue your journey? Why spend extra money if you need a little time to relax away from the city noise?

In recent years, especially Japan began to enter the hotels, which give room per hour for employees who need to relax during their lunch break to refresh and recharge for serious business meetings, which are about in the rest of the day.

This tendency to stay in a room by the hour in Sofia gradually gaining popularity in much of Western Europe and even encouraged by most employers as it is found resting comfortably in one - two hours the employee is back at work on - active and functional, with new forces can take on - responsible and important tasks.